The Curriculum

The Waldorf Curriculum is primarily based on teaching what is most suited to the child's developmental stage.

Formal education truly starts in the first year of Primary school. Children, having had their full requirement of play, social skill building, movement, songs - the list goes on - are really ready, and indeed eager, to begin more cognitive learning.

By the end of their first primary year they are already familiar and working with the basic mathematical concepts alongside the four mathematical processes. As they experience their letters in a way which penetrates their whole being, they are laying the foundations of their subsequent writing and reading skills.

Other subjects include Kiswahili, French, music, handwork, art, form drawing, sports, eurythmy (an art form consisting of music, sound and movement and promoting coordination and grace), woodwork and claywork.

As we grow we are able to join other schools in sports activities and now represent the NWS in hockey, rounders, football and netball tournaments. Since last year we have sent teams to participate in Nairobi's famous charity event - The Hog Charge - and the Nairobi Verse Speaking competition features also on our school calendar. Our school trips have seen the pyramids at Giza, the fjords of Norway and the rich cultural arena of Spain.

Last July we graduated our 6th class. Having completed the seven primary school years the children are ready to transition into secondary schools of various educational systems. The feedback we get about our ex- students has always been positive if not downright enthusiastic, most noticeable is the recognition of keen and curious, 'well-rounded' students.

We wish that they could have continued on in a Waldorf Secondary School and this remains our guiding vision. We would ideally want our children to stay grounded in an approach which we see around the world as producing graduates more aptly prepared to face the challenges of growing a new - more sane and humane - global order in the 21st century