Our school 2014-2018 Strategic Plan

This new strategic plan is the outcome of 8 months of work, reflecting the input of 60 people including all our staff members, and is representative of all our stakeholders. It is our ambitious plan for the next 5 years! Download the strategic plan.

Things You Can Make at Home! 

Education is a partnership between parents, family, caretakers and the school. We love to see our children having fun wherever they are! You can find some ideas on how to teach the 'homemade' concept while having fun creating. Lots of ideas hereYou can share your suggestions and pictures on our Facebook page.

Waldorf guide:

Dear Parents and Students, this handbook is yours, it is a valuable resource that will save you time and answer many of your questions about Waldorf Education and our school. Send us an email to receive a soft copy, we avoid printing to preserve our planet. Your feedback is important, share with us!