Holistic Education

In accordance with the Waldorf principles, at Nairobi Waldorf School we strive to offer developmentally appropriate, experiential approach to education which inspires life-long learning. We believe that Waldorf education prepares children for our changing world by enabling students to fully develop their capacities in an environment that cultivates freedom to act and think.

With an emphasis on holistic education, the aesthetic-spatial arrangements of Waldorf Schools mirror and support the growth and development of a child. Waldorf education is designed to bring out the best of all aspects of the child by harnessing the imagination.


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Unlimited potential talents and Gifts

One of the most fundamental concepts that Waldorf teachers work with is that each child is unique.

Teachers work with the conviction that each child has unlimited potential, talents and gifts which will be of value to the world and our future.

Primary Experience Matters

The curriculum comprises all the traditional subjects and speaks to the child at each exact stage of development, with the emphasis on learning from engaging primary experience rather than by means of secondary education.



In accordance with the world-wide Waldorf Early Childhood Education Curriculum, Nairobi Waldorf School aims to:

.Engage children in real life activities that bring to mind respect for the wonders of the world.

· Cultivate relationships based on love, respect, and care for each individual as unique in body, soul, and spirit.

·Provide plenty of space and time for creative play and imagination.

·Create consistent rhythms that support health, security, and trust.

·Create loving environments that nurture the senses.

·Engage educators who are committed to self-development and partnership in community with others.